ZDF Studios and Provobis publish ZDF fairytale gems as audio plays

ZDF Studios and Provobis publish ZDF fairytale gems as audio plays
ZDF Studios and Provobis are releasing selected productions from the popular programme series ZDF-Märchenperlen" (tr. ZDF fairytale gems) as German-language audio plays.

The special thing about these audio plays is that the narrator is not a neutral voice reading from a fairy tale book, but a character who was already involved in the original TV production. For each fairy tale, a prominent actor from the TV film version has made himself available for the respective audio play. The audio plays are a combination of narrative voice and original audio material from the respective film.

The following five enchanting fairy tale classics are currently being realised: "Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarves" with Armin Rohde as narrator, "Rübezahl's Treasure" with Sabin Tambrea, "Dwarf Nose" with narrator Maria Simon, "The Witch Princess", narrated by Jürgen Vogel and "The Tale of the Frog and the Golden Ball" with Götz Otto.

The first audio play to be released on 22 December is the fairy tale "Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarves", narrated by Armin Rohde. The audio plays can be streamed via all relevant digital audio platforms.

Peter Lang, VP Junior at ZDF Studios: "We are delighted that PROVOBIS has not only entrusted us with the worldwide distribution of the TV productions, but that we can now also realise this highly interesting project together. The involvement of a prominent narrator increases the appeal of these audio plays".

Jens C. Susa, Managing Director of PROVOBIS: "It was the viewers who asked us several times to please produce audio plays from the ZDF fairytale pearls. Michael Stumpf and Jens Ripke-Desaules from ZDF and Peter Lang from ZDF Studios were immediately enthusiastic about our concept. I am delighted that all the actors immediately agreed to take part in the audio plays and that the first one is now being released."