Rai 2 launches a new show Mi Presento ai Tuoi produced by Casta Diva

Rai 2 launches a new show Mi Presento ai Tuoi produced by Casta Diva
Rai 2 launches a new dating show Mi Presento ai Tuoi, on Saturday, Dicember 9 at 14:00 hosted by Lorena Bianchetti.

The original format produced by Casta Diva with Rai will be aired for 22 weeks.

This is a new challenge for Lorena Bianchetti who will try to tell about families and their dynamics through a series of games that will lead to the choice of a possible partner for one's family member, the protagonist of the episode. Mi presento ai tuoi is a playful alternative to traditional dating show, as has been defined as a game show dedicated to relationships and feelings. Each week a boy or girl, accompanied by his or her family, meets a group of people who are all different from each other, but who possess at least one characteristic that might strike his or her interest. And it is precisely the family that selects the people to propose, while the child is responsible for choosing with whom to get to know better. But how to figure out which person is the right one? In I'll Introduce Yourself to Yours, a series of games have been developed with the aim of bringing out the characteristics of each of the participants and showing family members the still-hidden sides of their child. They start with a shortlist of six possible suitors, from which family members select the four to play with. The child is given the opportunity to change one of them. From this point, at the end of each game, the circle gets smaller and smaller, until the final choice is made. Here, however, there is no advice to be had: the decision is entirely in the son's hands. Will he make the right choice? More importantly, will he be reciprocated? Present in the studio is psychologist Flaminia Bolzan, who gives suggestions.

In addition, in each episode, a well-known figure from the world of entertainment will tell in an interview about his or her family/feelings relationship, which, whichever way you look at it, is special and in its own way complex. Some episodes will feature groups of friends, roommates, office colleagues, teammates, etc., etc., instead of the family unit.