Content London: Focus on AI

Content London: Focus on AI
One of the most interesting session of Content London was held on Tuesday, November 28 in Kings Place. Presented by C21 as a long-conference focused on AI, the panel lasted from 2pm to 6pm and gave a new perspective of the infinite potentials of Artificial Intelligence.
The panel titled AI: your new creative partner presented by Dan Taylor-Watt a digital expert was focused not only by the impact of ChatGPT and media coverage but also by the fears of AI as a threat to human's jobs.

In this session, Dan Taylor-Watt, talked about the impact of AI as a positive and creative partner because there are many tools, that can be adapted in the TV industry professions from the creation of deck and presentation to all the production's process.

"AI is not just about ChatGPT - he confirmed - but about the myriad of other AI tools that can be used in the TV industry. Tools that are continuously evolving and changing rapidly".

As also said by C21 founder David Jenkinson on his article Transformational thinking: "AI provides opportunities to enhance content quality, reduce production costs and deliver more personalised and engaging experiences to viewers.
It can create storyboards or visual representations of scenes based on script inputs, helping with pre-visualisation.AI algorithms can assist in casting decisions by analysing actors’ previous work, demographics and audience preferences.
AI can analyse social media activity, viewer comments and reviews to provide insights into audience reception and sentiment.AI tools help broadcasters and content creators understand viewer demographics and behaviour, informing content decisions.
And, of course, AI-driven tools can assist in generating scripts for TV shows and movies by analysing existing content and predicting story elements. The list goes on".

AI will definitely transform our lives and our jobs but this doesn’t mean that people will lose their own activity, because behind the machine there is always a human brain. Probably, the main topic will be the legacy media regulations and the threat of fake news and fake videos, this is something that can really affect governments and politics around the world.