American Football in Germany

American Football in Germany
Saturday 4th November the game show Promo Touchdown, Die Football Show (produced by Banijay Germany and RTL) premiered in prime time on the German channels RTL and RTL+.
Two teams of three celebrities face each other in 7 spectacular and fun American football-themed games (that includes also “side elements” like cheerleaders, mascots and a brief entertainment show between first and second time).
The host is Daniel Hartwich (pic), who’s acting a kind of funny Ted Lasso: contrariwise to the original, he is a “European” football coach ironically trying to explain the basics of American football to the teams.
In the big final we’ll find out which of the two is the real “Football Master” and will take home the trophy.
The show can be included in the “funny -or escapist- games” trend, like, for example the recent Upside Down (see FE 27th Oct), The Big Bang (see FE 15th Sept) and others: maybe not particularly sophisticated, but colorful, cheerful, suitable for the whole family, perfectly designed to protect us from the scarring world outside.
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