Fiorello starts with a bang on Rai 2

Fiorello starts with a bang on Rai 2
Fiorello starts with a bang on Rai 2 and does not disappoint his audience as the premiere of its morning show Viva Rai2 recorded 1mln viewers and an audience share of 20% on Monday, November 6 at 7:15am.

The new season (the second) of the magazine dedicated to daily news, humour and interviews is once again stripped from Monday to Friday, early in the morning, from 7 am, when Italians. The show is also available on Rai Radio 2 at 2 pm and on Rai Play.

Fiorello was forced to change the set and moved from Via Asiago to Foro Italico, transformed into the Sport Village with the same scenography: a large glass studio, renovated with new spaces - Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, Mauro Casciari and the whole  gang (from the pensioner with the passion for singing Ruggiero Del Vecchio to the young tiktoker Gabriele Vagnato, from the musician Serena Ionta with her ukulele and the singer Beatrice De Dominicis, up to the dance troupe - with even more members - directed by Luca Tommassini) welcome the viewers, wishing good morning in their own way to start the day, in an increasingly awaited event, especially by children and young people before entering school.

Starting from a press review that talk about current events with irony and lightness, Fiorello offers an unique and unmissable variety show every day - with guests and ideas of all kinds. The format created by Rosario Fiorello,  who is also the artistic director, author and absolute protagonist, of his show give information about current news, politics and showbiz with singers and special guests every day.

Inside the show, there are segments with new characters, such as Batman and WonderTrans, the "But Without Ifs" - and other short comedy sketches that remind to famous TV series or TV Shows, like "TeleMinkia", “Sea outside”, the unlikely investigations, “Who wants to be in the elevator?”, among many).

The theme song signed by Jovanotti has been adapted for the new edition, while the musical part is handled by maestro Enrico Cremonesi together with rapper Daniele Lazzarin, aka Danti.

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