Ay Yapim will make a turkish version of Globo's hit Brazil Avenue

Ay Yapim will make a turkish version of Globo's hit Brazil Avenue
Globo has struck a deal with  Ay Yapim for a Turkish adaptation of Brazilian format Brazil Avenue. The plot follows the dramatic story of Rita, a sweet young woman who struggles to recover part of the life her gold digger stepmother, Carminha, took from her when she was only a child. When Rita’s father dies, prematurely, Carminha and her lover, Max, send the young girl off to live in a landfill, so that she doesn’t stand in the way of their plan to get rich. There, she is subjected to child labor under the control of a deplorable man, named Nilo. But, she is lucky enough to meet Batata, a boy who becomes her best friend and true love. He takes her to live with other children, under the care of motherly Lucinda, in a house at the landfill. Fortunately, Rita is soon adopted and moves out of the country with a nice family who changes her name to Nina. Batata is adopted by Carminha and Tufão and they name him Jorginho.

This will be the first adaptation of the telenovela. The new version will also have the consultancy from Globo Studios and will be distributed by Madd Entertainment.