A stellar cast for Sky Original's new drama Unwanted - Ostaggi in mare

A stellar cast for Sky Original's new drama Unwanted - Ostaggi in mare
Sky European Channels and Now TV will brodacast on Friday, November 3 the drama series Unwanted (8 episodes) produced by Sky Studios, Pantaleon Films and Indiana Proudction, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, is inspired by the book “Bilal,” an investigative book from journalist Fabrizio Gatti. The investigative book by undercover journalist Fabrizio Gatti tells his journey he undertook along the Sahara routes, populated not only by migrants who move from Africa to reach Europe, but also by those who do business by profiting from their desperation.

The series launched last MIPCOM (Cannes, October 16-19) is the story of two opposite worlds: the luxury cruise and the group of immigrants, as one of the world’s largest cruise-ships rescues African refugees at sea, taking in 28 shipwrecked migrants on board. As their stories become entangled with those of the passengers, tragedy will strike once more when the captain is commanded to bring back the refugees to Libya, the very place they want to escape from. Fear and desperation sets in, resulting in some of the refugees taking the ship hostage.

The cast of the new Sky Original series consists of Marco Bocci (Fino all’ultimo battito), Jessica Schwarz (Romy), Dada Fungula Bozela (Snabba Cash), Sylvester Groth (Inglourious Basterds), and Scot Williams (Memory).

Unwanted is created by Stefano Bises, alongside Alessandro Valenti, Bernardo Pellegrini, and Michela Straniero. Sky Studios, Pantaleon Films, and Indiana Production collaborated to produce the series. Oliver Hirschbiegel, best known for his Oscar-nominated film Downfall, serves as the series director.

The series is distributed by NBC Universal.