Talpa Studios quiz show The Jump is off to a good start

Talpa Studios quiz show The Jump is off to a good start
The first episode of new quiz show The Jump broadcast by RTL4 in the Netherlands on Saturday, October 21,  reached a market share of 36,6% (including extended viewing) in the key demo 25-54 and more than 1.1 million viewers, the show outperformed all competitors in its timeslot and more than doubled the timeslot average. The format launched last MIPCOM (Cannes, October 16-19) sees five fearless contestants battle it out on a 40-meter-long bridge for a huge cash prize.

RTL Hungary has already recorded a daily prime-time version of the brand-new show that will air on RTL in 2024.
The show was recorded back-to-back with the Dutch weekly version at the production hub of Talpa Studios in the Netherlands.

Péter Kolosi, Chief Content Officer of RTL Hungary said: "We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the first Hungarian adaptation of a collaboration between Talpa Studios and RTL4 in the Netherlands. The Hungarian version of this game show was produced in Hilversum, on a stunning set on top of an extremely long and impressive bridge. We take great pride in bringing this unique concept to Hungary, offering audiences an opportunity to be part of an exhilarating and suspenseful journey.”
Mark van Achterberg, managing director Talpa Studios, adds: "It was a pleasure working together with the Hungarian team on this successful production, marking the first time that RTL Hungary co-produced an entertainment show in the Netherlands. The show blends technical innovation – a trademark of Talpa Studios – together with a physically challenging quiz in a unique way. The format is perfect for our production hub, as we only needed foreign contestants and hosts to visit our studio. This is a testament not only to our pricing but also to the high quality and experience we provide, aligning with our strategy as an independent global production studio.”
Barbara Hamori, producer Scripted Productions: "Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent. The Jump is the most monumental, heroic, still funny and intriguing format I have met in recent years. The fear of failing and falling sharpens the contestants' minds and adrenalin flush drives the quiz show to its maximum."

About The Jump
The Jump is a thrilling new game show set on top of a towering 40-meter-long bridge. Here, five contestants compete for a huge cash prize. Their goal is simple: to cross the bridge by answering ten quiz questions correctly. The stakes are high: answer wrongly, and they’ll plunge from the bridge. The show begins with a quick game to determine the 'Controller’ of the game. The Controller has the power to decide who plays. They can either pick themself or choose one of their opponents. Refusing to play is not an option. Each 'question' consists of several fun, thought-provoking statements, but only one of them is true. Players make their choice by physically jumping on the statement they believe is correct. A correct guess means they advance to the next question. But if they’re wrong, they take a heart-stopping drop out of the game. The Controller decides who goes up next. 
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