Belgium public service RTBF revealed new formats at MIPCOM

Belgium public service RTBF revealed  new formats at MIPCOM
RTBF Creative, the distributor arm of Belgium Public media RTBF, has launched new formats to global buyers during MIPCOM. 
Last year the company co-produce The Yurt Celebrity green Challenge with Why Why Productions. In the new reality TV show, three celebrities who don’t specially pay attention to the environment will spend 5 days and 4 nights together in The Yurt, far from their daily comfort. "It was a big success in 2022 on Tipik channel," commented Sandrine Roustan, General Director at RTBF, who also confirmed a second season of the show.
This year, RTBF Creative is launching The Comedy Expedition Challenge, also co-produced with Why Why Productions. In this brand-new entertainment format combining humour and extreme adventure, two stand-up comedians have three days and two nights to hike through an unspoil wilderness and reach the final beacon.
The new second format is Meet My Family Wedding Dress, a new show where three future brides choose to say «I do» in a family dress, a precious legacy that transcends generations. "Now, a lot more people choose to make a wedding in a family dress, the dress of the mother, the grandmother, or another person in the family. The goal is to wed in this wedding dress, but with an upcycling thing", said Francois Jadoulle, Responsable Development content at RTBF.
The third RTBF format is Blind Conviction - Only ideas matter, where two political debaters will have to convince and develop their ideas without knowing the identity of their opponent. "As public service media we air shows about politics and debates between presidents of different parties and they can be boring, so we have this idea to have debates only about the ideas and not about the people who are in these debates," explained Jadoulle.
RTBF also have the very popular format 5-stars Village which is in fourth season in Belgium. It's a competition between six celebrities from six villages, where the guests have one day to convince the other five that their favorite village is the best. "It performed very well on RTBF and we had four seasons," he said.

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