Rai 1 mini-series Per Elisa reached 3mln viewers on its premiere

Rai 1 mini-series Per Elisa reached 3mln viewers on its premiere
Rai 1 broadcast the first episode of  Per Elisa-Il caso Claps on Tuesday, October 24 in prime, reaching 3mln viewers and an audience share of 16.9%.

The story is one of the most debated crime cases: the murders of Elisa Claps and Heather Barnett, and it's reconstructed - based on the book "Blood on the altar" by Tobias Jones, with the consultancy of the Claps family. Per Elisa - Il caso Claps is produced by Fastfilm Srl and Cosmopolitan Pictures Limited , in collaboration with Rai Fiction and ITV Studios, directed by Marco Pontecorvo.

Elisa Claps left the house heading to the church for the Mass, on a sunny Sunday morning in September 1993 in Potenza. From that moment on, no one heard from her again, until her body was found 17 years later, in the attic of the church where she was last seen alive. In November 2002 in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, Heather Barnett, a single mother of two teenagers, was found at home on the floor, covered in blood, horribly mutilated.
On the day of her disappearance, Elisa Claps had an appointment with Danilo Restivo, a little older than her, in the very church where her body was later found. Danilo Restivo was also Heather Barnett's neighbor, and the English police soon pinned their suspicions on him. But it took years to connect the two crimes and get the culprit convicted. A fundamental role for this to happen was played by the Claps family and, above all, by Gildo, Elisa's older brother, who was 24 years old at the time of his sister's disappearance.
“For Elisa - The Claps case” is the story of the uninterrupted battle of Gildo Claps and his family to shed light on Elisa's disappearance, bring her killer to justice and why the truth could remain obscured for so long.
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