The Lions of Sicily is available on Disney + from October 25

The Lions of Sicily is available on Disney + from October 25
The highly anticipated series The Lions of Sicily,  based on the best seller  written by Stefania Auci is available on  Disney + on Wednesday, October 25.
The series (8 episodes) is written by Ludovica Rampoldi e Stefano Sardo, directed by Paolo Genovese (former director of "Supereroi","Perfect strangers"and "It's all Freud's fault"). The cast is made up of actors beloved by the public, such as Miriam Leone, Michele Riondino, Eduardo Scarpetta, Ester Pantano, Vinicius Marchioni, Adele Cammarata e Paul Briguglia. 

The series set in Sicily during the nineteenth century, from the beginning of the century untilUnification of Italy, follow the vicissitudes of the Florio's Family.
The Florio family (arrived in 1799 a Palermo da Bagnara). Brothers Paul e Ignazio (Marchioni and Scarpetta) leave Calabria and move to Sicily in search of a better life. In the Sicilian capital they open one spice shop, in search of social redemption. In a short time they manage to create a real empire, also thanks to the revolutionary ideas of Vincenzo (Riondino), son of Paolo. The arrival of the Milanese in the family Julia Portalupi (Miriam Leone), a strong and intelligent woman, in contrast to the rigid rules of the society of the time, will upset the life of the young man Vincent Florio, who will find a safe haven in her.

La Florio family it was undoubtedly the most powerful in Sicily. A few years after opening the spice shop in Palermo (in via dei I mattressed), have become sulfur traders, have taken over some of them traps near Palermo, bought land, houses and created one navigation Company. They also owe the trade in tuna in oil e in box in Sicily and beyond (thanks to Tonnara of Favignana) or the diffusion of wine Marsala (already produced by the British Ingham e Woodhouse).

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