Golden Boy will be soon in Latin America with HBO Max

Golden Boy will be soon in Latin America with HBO Max
Warner Bros. Discovery has acquired Turkish Drama sensation Golden Boy, for HBO Max in Latin America. The series will premiere on the platform under the local titles El Chico de Oro (Spanish) and O Canto do Pássaro (Portuguese), during 2024.

Produced by OGM Pictures for Star TV, Golden Boy scored record-breaking ratings during 2022, and having recently returned for a second season, has resumed its position as the most popular TV drama in Turkey each week.

Golden Boy is a classic family drama that tells the story of two sisters, Seyran and Suna, whose paths cross with golden boy Ferit. The two sisters’ lives change forever when Ferit decides to marry Seyran instead of Suna. Seyran will be the new bride in a family full of betrayals, lies and secrets. The series stars Afra Saraoğlu, Mert Ramazan Demir & Çetin Tekindor.
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