MoveMe has optioned the reality game "Still Alive"

MoveMe has optioned the reality game
Something Special, the Seoul-based International Format agency founded by Format specialists Jin Woo Hwang, President & Executive Director, and InSoon Kim, EVP & Head of Content, announce that Germany’s MoveMe has optioned the exciting mystery-reality competition Still Alive, created and represented by Something Special. Territories in the deal include Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

MoveMe, based in Cologne and Berlin, is an independent TV production company managed by the award-winning producers Andrea Schönhuber-Majewski, Meikel Giersemehl, and Christine Vescio. The core competence of the company is developing and producing entertainment formats such as shiny floor studio shows and great comedy formats, high-class documentaries and entertaining reality program, fictional and non-fictional series, and films for all media outlets.

Still Alive is a reality game show format where ten contestants find clues and complete challenges in a mysterious mansion and must stay alive for 24 hours by not breaking the hidden rules, including a veiled “death rule” that causes immediate elimination. Contestants and viewers alike will be filled with apprehension solving the riddles and trying to stay alive. This show was created with Something Special by Korea’s top-tier creators, Miyeon KIM and Bora LEE.
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