A PR Agency will drive your IP in the right direction - said Panayiota Pagoulatos at the IPXCHANGE

A PR Agency will drive your IP in the right direction - said Panayiota Pagoulatos at the IPXCHANGE
“Having a global PR & marketing strategy can greatly impact your sales efforts and should be considered at the same level as sales”– this was one of the topic discussed during the second edition of IPXChange an event organized by TV producer Wolfgang Link and TV marketing expert Sandra Lehner in Cologne on September 18/19, 2023, that gathered German and international Independent producers before MIPCOM, with the aim to present new formats and talk about the industry.

One of the theme discussed during the several panels,  was the importance of a PR Agency in the audiovisual industry, led by a presentacion of Panayiota Pagoulatos, Founder & Principal of  Pink Orchid International ( She talked about the key role of a PR Agency in spreading your IP in such a competitive world like the audiovisual industry.
There are may factors to support it ad a television PR agency is important to drive awareness of your business: “PR is not about sending out 1 or 2 press releases, said Pagoulatos - it's about having an intentional, well-rounded strategy that covers all aspects of your visibility that includes sending relevant news to trade media, but also speaking at conferences, exhibiting/advertising, and joining associations, among other things. A strategy allows people to have creative control of the messages being projected to their industry peers".

"A PR agency also drive your IP in the right place with the right target audience;the unique nature of third-party endorsement, whether a broadcaster or journalist, will add further credibility to your campaign – but you need to use all the social media – confirmed the founder of Pink Orchid - LinkedIn can be used as another communications tool and executive database" - 

"There are many things you can do for yourself, but hiring a PR agency that will dedicate their time to building your publicity efforts will go a long way to opening doors year-round and at markets like MIPCOM. By building a positive reputation through strategic communication efforts, you spend less time trying to convince people that they should work with you”.
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