The Rise of the Influencer-Show

The Rise of the Influencer-Show
Television is becoming more and more digital, and therefore the contents are adapting to this dimension as well (but, to tell the truth, without losing their “original” tv structure). In particular, using influencers and content creators as protagonists (or hosts) is a developing trend.
A good example is Climax, a dating show that will premiere early October on 3Cat, the new streaming platform for young people of the Catalan television TV3 (and also on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram). The format has been created for the Tindercat users, a successful community born in Twitter Spaces (see also the “App-driven-formats” phenomenon: Friday’s Espresso 24th March and 14th July).
In each episode Climax will feature Catalan influencers who will be Cupids guests to stimulate the live participation of those who want to find love (or just meet people) and had signed up for an online casting. Every week three anonymous profiles (in order to preserve the spirit of blind dating) are presented to a protagonist eager to find love. Initially the singleton won’t even be able to talk to them and at the end he/she has to choose who of the 3 she/he wants to meet in person.

Another one is Desafío a la Fama (“fame challenge”) that premiered last Monday 25th September on the Ecuadorian channel Ecuavisa. The show, hosted by Eduardo Andrade and Fernanda Gallardo (pic) has the structure of a “classic” reality: 16 young content creators of different disciplines and targets will leave all together in a house-studio, with little contact to the world outside, and only regulated by the production.

During the three months of the competition, they will train their influencer abilities and will have to enlist the support of the brands sponsoring the program, that will provide the cash money each week. At the end, this amount will be the prize for the winner.

Both are good attempts to attract young audience, but maybe a bit more of courage and originality would have been worth the effort…

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