From Radio to TV for 1000€

From Radio to TV for 1000€
At the beginning of the tv era it was common to adapt a radio program to the new medium: for example, the panel radio show It Pays to Be Ignorant (1942) that became a tv panel show with the same tittle in 1949, or the The Candid Microphone (1947), that became the television hit Candid Camera one year later and many others.
Now, 80 years later, the same thing happens for Le Jeu des 1000 euros (The 1000€ Game): created in 1958, with the title 100000 Francs Par Jour (100.000 French Francs By Day), is the longest-running program on French radio and premiered last Saturday 9th September on France 3, hosted Nicolas Stoufflet (the original radio host from 2008), together with Carinne Teyssandier.
The rules have slightly changed during the years and are a bit complicated, but the basic mechanism has remained the same. Contestants draw six questions in three colors: 3 blue questions, 2 white questions and 1 red question. The questions are developed by the audience, but the production team ranks them by difficulty. At this point there are different possibilities, but if the contestants respond correctly to all 6 questions, they can leave with their winnings (150 €) or can try the “Banco”, a particularly difficult question.
The audience traditionally yells "ban-co, ban-co!" to encourage the contestant, after which the contestant usually makes their attempt. Contestants responding correctly to the “Banco” question can also try the “Super Banco” question, which is the key moment of the show, with the audience encouraging the contestants by shouting "su-per, su-per!". If the response is correct, the contestants receive the 1,000€ of the title.
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