Canale 5 to premiere new mafia series Maria Corleone

Canale 5 to premiere new mafia series Maria Corleone
Canale 5 broadcast a new mafia series titled Maria Corleone on Wednesday 13 September in prime time, dedicated to a new iconic female character played by Rosa Diletta Rossi.

Maria Corleone (4 episodes) produced by Clemart in collaboration with Taodue - Mediaset and directed by Mauro Mancini, tells the story of a determined and at the same time controversial woman, set in Milan, Palermo and New York, at the crossroads of strong passions, blood ties and choices from which there is no turning back, against the backdrop of two worlds at opposite ends of the spectrum: high fashion and mafia criminality.
Maria Corleone (Rosa Diletta Rossi), from Palermo, is a talented young stylist who has been living in Milan for years and is expecting a child with her partner Luca (Alessandro Fella), a determined and idealistic young prosecutor.
The return to Palermo on the occasion of her parents' wedding anniversary, however, forces Maria to question her whole life. In an assassination attempt on her father, Don Luciano Corleone (Fortunato Cerlino), a powerful businessman with Mafia roots, Maria's brother is killed, causing her to make a drastic decision: to abandon her former life and follow the path of revenge.