Dandelooo’s animated comedy Gaston Gets It! in development with Canal+

Dandelooo’s animated comedy Gaston Gets It! in development with Canal+
Emmy Award-winning French animation production and distribution company Dandelooo has teamed up with Canal+ to develop its latest animation project Gaston Gets It!, a 52x11’ comedy series for upper preschoolers.

The animated series is based on the hugely successful children’s book series Les émotions de Gaston (tr: Gaston’s Emotions), written by author and illustrator Aurélie Chien-Chow-Chine and published by Hachette Enfants, an imprint of Hachette Livre France. The book features the cutest unicorn ever with a rainbow-colored mane that changes colours according to his emotions, encouraging children to identify different feelings and manage them effectively. It has sold over 1.3 million copies in France alone and has been translated into 27 languages.

Dandelooo will present Gaston Gets It! to potential industry partners at this year’s Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, together with a teaser directed by Aurélie Raphaël (co-director of Ernest and Celestine, The Collection), and will be responsible for the worldwide distribution rights.

Christine Cauquelin, Director of Programs and Youth, Documentaries and Animation Units and Channels at Canal+, comments: “CANAL+ THINKS BIG FOR LITTLE ONES. We have big ambitions for the content we provide for kids. Our approach is largely illustrated by what we call ‘Original Recreation’; which is our selection of the best kids’ TV animation content. It brings together what we consider to be the most creative and entertaining content that sparks children’s imaginations. Because it's important for our audience to be in touch with their emotions, we've chosen to follow the adaptation of Aurélie Chien-Chow-Chine's best-selling albums Gaston's Emotions! Gaston the unicorn seemed to us to be the most sympathetic of ambassadors, a passionate and exalted character who lives his emotions to the full!”
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