Yumi’s Cells S2 wins the Excellent Award for Animation Story Telling

Yumi’s Cells S2 wins the Excellent Award for Animation Story Telling
CJ ENM’s series, Yumi’s Cells S2, won the “Excellence Award for Animation Story Telling” at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2023, celebrating the title’s uniqueness, innovation, and social impact.

Held by one of the Asia-pacific region’s highly recognized broadcasting and multimedia corporations, “Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+,” the newly launched award, commenced in Singapore, recognizes excellent projects, initiatives, and achievements of the most outstanding broadcasting companies located in Asia-Pacific from 5 different divisions; Terrestrial Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Cable & Satellite Broadcasting, Streaming, and Podcasting.

Listed in the streaming category of the award, Yumi’s Cells S2 has been acknowledged for its prominent uniqueness by aligning animated graphics with the cast’s lively acting performance, innovative production skills fostering the eye-catching narrative development, and societal impacts by captivating viewers’ attention through reflecting realistic and sympathetic characters.

The production team of Korea’s premium storytelling group Studio Dragon, said, “Yumi’s Cells was a drama that all the staffs put more effort in with love, and unlike other dramas, it involved more staff members, including the animation production part. The show was successful thanks to the staff’s and actors’ passion, and we want to take this opportunity to say that it was an honor to work with them. We also want to show gratitude to the viewers for their support in Yumi’s life.”

Tim Charlton, the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards said, “The excellent animation storytelling of Yumi’s Cells S2 has been successfully acknowledged by the academy. As the award this year focuses on the recognition of the technology and innovation happening behind the scenes, we are excited to see more K-Content and related projects deliver prominent revolutions.”

The series, produced by CJ ENM’s production powerhouse Studio Dragon is a sequel to Yumi’s Cells that continues the story of “Yumi,” an ordinary woman living in Seoul. Dealing with the story of the character’s next phase of life where she encounters a new relationship and career transformation, the title delivers sympathizing stories with eye-catching animation effects.

Yumi's Cells S2 is currently available on CJ ENM-launched OTT service TVING in South Korea, and has been premiered internationally in more than 160 countries across Europe, North America, and South East Asia, representing K-Content's global competency.

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