BB Media presented an analysis of this year’s Q1 regarding original OTT content in Latin America

BB Media presented an analysis of this year’s Q1 regarding original OTT content in Latin America
Global data science company BB Media conducted an analysis regarding the original content proposed by streaming services in the main markets of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) during the first quarter of 2023. The analysis took a close look at several OTT services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+, Disney+, Globoplay, HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Star+, and ViX.

According to the results, Netflix leads the ranking with a total of 361 titles available in its catalog, also adding the most local original content per month in Latin America. Furthermore, its presence is even expected to expand increasingly in this market, as it has already invested in growing its local production to satisfy that portion of audience.

In Brasil, another relevant streaming platform is Globoplay, with 99% local productions and specifically focusing on docuseries. Similarly, ViX has been challenging other streamers in Mexico: in February 2023, it also announced a new important investment in original content production. Drama is a predominant genre in that country, and the platform’s strategy aims to consolidate and entertain primarily the Spanish-speaking audience with more similar contents.

In conclusion, the streaming giants will most likely keep on investing in these markets, and especially in the production of local original content, allowing the OTT services to stand out and offer users a unique and exclusive experience through innovative productions.

For further information, check out the full analysis, written by Cintia Medina (Multiscreens+ Operations Leader at BB Media), on the BB Media website at this link: