Singing and Dancing (and much more) in the Metaverse

Singing and Dancing (and much more) in the Metaverse
It’s difficult to predict what will be the future of the metaverse. On one hand, the “original” metaverse of Meta is a disaster: some people swear that Zuckenberg has already bitterly regretted having changed the company name. On the other hand, many other “metaverses” are popping up everywhere, also linked to television contents (see Girl: reverse, Friday’s Espresso 17th Mar, and Fight Back, FE 31st Mar).
One of these is the big franchise The Voice (148 versions around the world), whose extension in the metaverse we have already spoken about (Friday’s Espresso 28th Oct). Last 12th May “The Voice Studios”, from ITV Studios and Virtual Brand Group debuted officially, with five experiences: Music Maker, where users can publish a track and compete to win prizes; an immersive Musical Treasure Hunt; Dance Off; Rhythm Challenge; and a Music Trivia game. Participants can win digital “MetaMerch” and even audition to be on an upcoming season of the reality-competition series.
The Voice Studios has also planned a permanent fixture within the Decentraland metaverse (see this link) after building their pop-up event at last year’s Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival.
And that’s not all: less than a month ago also Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me entered the metaverse, with players now able to go head-to-head to become the dinner party host in the newly released Minecraft world.
We will see what the future developments will be.
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