Cuarzo Producciones heads to the Dominican Republic for ¡Vaya Vacaciones!

Cuarzo Producciones heads to the Dominican Republic for ¡Vaya Vacaciones!
Cuarzo Producciones, a part of Banijay Iberia, is about to co-develop a brand-new reality show called ¡Vaya Vacaciones! in collaboration with Mediaset España.

Presented by TV host Luján Argüelles, ¡Vaya Vacaciones! is going to be the perfect summer watch: eight celebrity couples will stay in an all-inclusive luxury hotel, accompanied by a couple of their choosing, enjoying the sun and sea of the Dominican Republic. However, there will be many twists, unforeseen situations and unforgettable moments, as the serenity can’t last forever.

Juanra Gonzalo, Managing Director at Cuarzo Producciones, says: “Spain loves reality TV, and we hope they’re as excited as we are about ¡Vaya Vacaciones!. Not only will the show be full of addictive entertainment, but we’re also thrilled to have Luján on-board with her unique style and sense of humour.”

James Townley, Chief Content Officer, Development at Banijay, adds: “¡Vaya Vacaciones! is the perfect summer viewing, with a tantalising combination of a luxury location, celebrities and of course some twists and drama. Reality TV continues to be in big demand globally, attracting huge audiences, and this new format really taps into Cuarzo’s expertise at delivering world-class entertainment in this genre.”

Jaime Guerra, Director of Content Production at Mediaset España, follows: “At Mediaset España we are constantly searching for new entertainment formats, whether they are products that have proven successful in the international market or programmes developed together with production companies, such as ¡Vaya Vacaciones! It is a reality show that will showcase a range of relationship dynamics and have humorous elements, making it the perfect content for the summer.”