Publispei and Storielibere launch their new podcast, Baby Gang, investigating the dark side of adolescence

Publispei and Storielibere launch their new podcast, Baby Gang, investigating the dark side of adolescence
Bands of kids rage spreading terror in the streets, schools, public transportation, day and night. What lies behind this indecipherable world, across gender, social background, ethnicity and origin?

Baby Gang is the new podcast by Roberta Lippi, already known for her investigative series Love Bombing and Soli, who investigates the frightening and rampant phenomenon of the so-called Italian "baby gangs," explaining it from different points of view: that of the victims and their families, but also of the operators who try to reform these young criminals, the law enforcement agencies and the psychologists who deal specifically with this problem.

The 6-episode podcast exposes a choral picture, rendering the extent of the phenomenon and its many facets thanks also to the voices and direct accounts of those who have dealt with gangs in different areas of Italy.

The project comes from Publispei, which also wants to adapt the theme for television and has involved Storielibere to create the podcast series, with the supervision of Matteo B. Bianchi.

Rossana De Michele, CEO of Storielibere, says: "We are very pleased with this new collaboration, which projects us into the circularity of content related to television seriality.

Verdiana Bixio, Publispei President, adds: "Publispei has always talked about themes related to the world of young people with its TV productions, dealing with young adult TV series. By virtue of this storytelling, doing it today through podcasts represents a way for Publispei to experiment with new registers and languages that can also become new TV series."

The Baby Gang series will be presented at the Turin International Book Fair on Saturday, May 20 at midday, BookLab, Pav. 2. Joining author Roberta Lippi will be Maria Luisa Iavarone, full professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the Department of Motor Sciences and Wellness at the University of Naples "Parthenope" and mother of Arturo, who was stabbed by four boys one December afternoon under the Christmas lights, and Carabinieri Colonel Andrea Corinaldesi, commander of the operations department of the Carabinieri provincial command in Turin.

Baby Gang is a "written by voice" project, signed by Publispei and Storielibere, available from Wednesday, May 17, on all audio platforms and on the Storielibere.fm website.