MIPTV The Wit Kids Garden: What’s Fresh in the Kids & Tweens Space

 MIPTV The Wit Kids Garden: What’s Fresh in the Kids & Tweens Space
Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The Wit, on Tuesday, April 18 during the last MIPTV, presented a panel The Wit Kids Garden: What’s Fresh in the Kids & Tweens Space.
“In this Kids Garden” focused on creativity she revealed her picks in fresh content targeted to 8-12 wherever they want it: tv, streamers, social media, gaming”.

What kids do with contents was the initial question and Mouseler started her session with the best example of Netflix series Wednesday: “they watched the series and after watching, they watched the remix. And then, they co-created on Tik Tok (see the viral shot of Jenna Ortega’s dance).

After this introduction, she highlighted some trends like the importance of TikTok influencers: James Charles is an expert of beauty as Nikkie. She is an influencer in the beauty genres on Tik Tok but she was able to cross the bridge and got her tv show in Nikkie's Make-Up Mansion broadcast by NPO Zapp in The Netherlands, ten make-up artists compete in thematic challenges and every week they are joined by celebrities.

“On television and of course on Tik Tok, after beauty we have gaming and also real game, like football which is huge on TikTok”.
In Africa the game style character is a model, a soccer legend who grew up in Nigeria, that has two passion animals and soccer, against illegal traffic. A kind of
a super boy, he is magic. He is an inspiration in the tv series Jay Jay The Chosen One (Showmax).

“Beauty and game, another huge topic is humour with hidden camera and pranks”
On youtube we have a lot of reactions videos.
In the Netherlands, celebrities are challenged not to laugh watching funny videos like Verboden to lachen.

Regarding the teen series, Mouseler presented a a Brazilian creation with a girl that has a magic wardrobe on HBO MAX. A young girl abandoned by her Korean father finds a magical door in her closed and she meets a K-Pop idol.
In Canada, CBC broadcast an original series based on a hit series a spin-off of Murdoch Mystery, titled Macy Murdoch. It’s a jump in the past as the series is centred on the great-great-great granddaughter of Detective William Murdoch.
“Diversity and music are also important topics”- said Virginia Mouseler – and she talked about the series broadcast in Australia by ABC ME, about a group of teens that start a band at a music camp. The series Turn up the Volume spoke about diversity gender.
The last title presented by Mouseler was a teen series broadcast by the Public Channel is A Kind of Spark (BBC iPlayer) about a 13 year old girl with autism that also jump in the past at the time of the witches and she tackles with her autism and with diversity.