Crazy Game & Puzzle Game

Crazy Game & Puzzle Game
In the constantly changing media world, game shows of all types continue their soothing and relaxing mission. In the last days 2 brand new formats of this evergreen genre have been announced.
The first one is Lotería Loca (Crazy Lottery) and is based on the very popular Latin game of chance known now as “Lotería”. Hosted and exec produced by Jaime Camil (pic), the series is currently in development for CBS.
In each episode, two players go head-to-head and take turns picking cards to get four-in-a-row, which is “Lotería”. Each time a number appears on their bingo-style card, they bank big money. Landing on one of the “Loca Cards” gives players the opportunity to bank even more cash by competing in interactive challenges. The player who gets the most “Loterías” on their board the fastest, moves on to the final round for a chance to win the ultimate show cash prize.
The second one -Puzzling (w.t.)- has been commissioned by Paramount Global–owned UK broadcaster Channel 5 and produced by ITV Studios–owned indie 12 Yard Productions and Wheelhouse as a prime-time quiz show, dedicated to testing contestants’ problem-solving abilities.
Lucy Worsley (pic) -the British historian, author, curator and television presenter-seeks to challenge Britain’s brightest minds as they do battle to be crowned Britain’s ultimate puzzler. At the start of each episode, six strangers are split into two teams of three. The two teams try to accumulate the most points through their powers of puzzling deduction.
Every area of our player’s mind will be tested across five puzzling rounds – In Other Words (language), Pressure Points (calculation), Rule Breakers (lateral thinking), Picture This (visual intelligence) and Memory Bank (memory). Then the winning team turn on each other to be named the ‘Best of the Best’ and earn a place in the series Grand Final where the ultimate puzzler will be crowned.

The fact that there are a number of other games with the same concept (e.g. Fremantle’s The Golden Brain) shows the effectiveness of this formula.

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