Real Time premieres “Casa a Prima Vista”, its new housing market TV competition

Real Time premieres “Casa a Prima Vista”, its new housing market TV competition
Starting Monday, May 8, 2023 Monday through Friday at 8:20 p.m., Real Time opens the doors of Casa a Prima Vista (tr: House at First Sight), a TV show in which three real estate agents compete against each other to meet the demands of their clients, who are looking for their dream apartment.

Produced by Blu Yazmine for Warner Bros. Discovery, the show is the Italian adaptation of the highly popular French format Chasseur D'Appart (international title: Flat Hunters), which launched in 2015 and was later adapted for Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Norway. Each episode features three real estate professionals who, after gathering input from very discerning clients, including couples and families with children and with widely different households, set out to find the house that might have the right features for them, thus winning the challenge.

Among the real estate agents joining the program are Mariana D’Amico, co-founder of a growing real estate agency, Ida Di Filippo, who works with Institutional, private and large corporations, Gianluca Torre, the VIP’s go-to real estate agent, Nadia Mayer, working for an international luxury real estate agency, Blasco Pulieri, manager of an online real estate agency, and Corrado Sassu, head of a chain of agencies in Rome.

Each episode presents a fixed pattern, in which the client explains the features they are looking for to three agents who, after examining a series of options, scramble to find the right house to submit to the client, to whom they will each present a property. After the visits in which each agent accompanies the client on a tour of the property, the buyer will have to choose the best proposal of the three, automatically deciding on the episode winner who will be awarded a cash prize.

The 40x60’ series will start in Milan and its surroundings, including Bergamo and Lake Maggiore, where Gianluca, Ida and Mariana will challenge each other by leveraging professionalism, the right contacts, knowledge of the market and a pinch of irony. The other episodes will be set in and around Rome, including the seaside of Ostia and Fregene, where Blasco, Corrado and Nadia will house hunt for their clients.