Daytime cooking show “Cotto e Mangiato – Il Menù” returns with a new edition on Italia 1

Daytime cooking show “Cotto e Mangiato – Il Menù” returns with a new edition on Italia 1
A new edition of Cotto e Mangiato - Il Menù has just kicked off. Starting on May 1 and airing from Monday to Friday at 12:05 p.m. on Italia 1, the show presents new columns, tips from food influencers and a competition between young aspiring chefs every day.

Tessa Gelisio will welcome star chefs Andrea Mainardi, Luigi Taglienti, Theo Penati, Martin Vitaloni and new entry Pietro Pezzati in her kitchen. Also, among the new elements of this edition is the arrival of well-known food influencers and old friends of Cotto e Mangiato, such as Ellen Hidding - Gelisio will prepare tasty dishes with them and reveal the secrets of making unique recipes even with simple ingredients.

In the new spring edition, there will be no shortage of new columns such as "Menù alla Frutta," presenting recipes in which seasonal fruit will be the protagonist of original savory dishes as well as many sweet ideas.

Finally, the competition dedicated to young chefs returns with thirty talented young students from six hotel schools from all over Italy: the aspiring chefs will challenge each other on the program's official social networks to win a scholarship to invest in professional training. A jury composed of the program's experts and chefs including chefs Simone Breda, Luigi Taglienti, Tommaso Arrigoni, Stefano Ciotti, Roberto Conti, Roberto Di Pinto, the ever-present Andrea Mainardi, and a secret judge will declare the final winner of the season.

Full episodes and clips of Cotto e Mangiato – Il Menù are also available to stream on Mediaset Infinity.
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