MIPTV Trends in Fresh TV Fiction by Virginia Mouseler

MIPTV Trends in Fresh TV Fiction by Virginia Mouseler
On Tuesday, April 18, CEO of The Wit, Virginia Mouseler presented the section Fresh TV Fiction dedicated to the new drama titles around the world. 
"The most successful fiction show is the Last of US on HBO all over the world. The second season in in production -she said.
Watching the Last of Us we felt the revenge of nature in the climate change environment that lead to a dictatorship rebellion. Revenge of our nature and rebellion with individual energy".

The fist example of the series presented by Mouseler is The Swarm a hit in Germany on ZDF. Suddenly the world is threatened by the nature. The series premiered last march and it’s distributed by Beta Film.
Also in Snow a mystery thriller set in a winter resort, the nature takes revenge on the abuse inflicted by humankind. The series (6.x60’) broadcast in Austria (ORF) is distributed by Beta Film. The ski resort is lack of snow but a group of activists faces a murder and the mystery of The Guardian of the Mountains.
In Arcadia (Belgium, Netherlands) the world has survived a global catastrophe that destroyed natural resources. Life is ruled by an authoritarian regime. The series (8x45’) is distributed by Wild Bulch TV and a second season has been commissioned.
The world has to reorganize the resources it a dystopian series about the natural resources: water and snow. There is a regimen to follow.
Dictatorship is also a key work added Mouseler, like in Duty After School that started last March in South Korea and it's distributed by CJENM . Produced by Korea's leading scripted TV studio, Studio Dragon, Duty After School is about a class of high-school students forced to join the army in order to fight against an alien invasion. The earth is about to come to an end as the mysterious globes in the sky are attacking people.
To prevent this, teenagers have to drop their pens and pick up guns instead to fight for the earth’s destiny. As the series is the remake version of a famous Korean webtoon with the same title, Duty After School has set a record for the highest number of paid subscriptions in its first week in the history of No. 1 K-content streaming platform TVING. Noticing this already-proven excellence, Series Mania invited the series to screen its world premiere at the spec

"A Thin Line
is on the eco-thriller trend - she said - the environment is a big topic in fiction trend. The series (6x52’) premiered last February in Germany and it’s distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution. It tells the story of two environmental activist twin sisters who find themselves opposite sides in the world of cyber terrorism.
All these shows about environment and safe earth are linked to dictatorship and violence as seen – said Mouseler- so let’s think that we should safe the world together or there will be dictatorship.
Other trend is period drama series. Nights in Tefia (6x50’) to premiere in Spain, distributed by Atresmedia is set in the mid of the Franco dictatorship. A 17-year old youngster is set to a detention camp because he was gay. He escaped thanks to his imagination and the show mixed dramatic part with music, mixing two period of time.
Dr Garcia’s Patients (10x50’) premiered last April in Spain and it’s distributed by Banijay Rights, is set again under the Franco dictatorship and tells the story of a Spanish doctor, who infiltrates a clandestine organization helping former Nazis from Madrid to flee to Argentina. The story is based on a novel.

In the group of The HIT Series Mouseler included a series from Israel: "Also this story is related to dictatorship". A Body That Works (8x60’) premiered last February, it’s distributed by Keshet International. Tells the story of a childless couple who enlist the help of a surrogate, whose life is really unsettled by this experience. The main character is a woman that has everything but she can have a baby and this affecting her life. The promise of happiness for having a baby turns her relationship to a drama.

The Club is also bodies that don’t work properly . The series (8x35’) premiered in Belgium last September and it’s distributed by Newen Connect. The story of three couples who meet in the waiting room of the fertility clinic and become friends. Despite, their completely different background, they understand each other in a world that doesn’t seem to understand them. Will be broadcast in één and Amazon.
Another story dealing with women body is Disobey (6x60’) broadcast last March in Canada. Distributed by Attraction Distribution. The story is set in 1989 and it’s the true story of a young woman who decides to have an abortion against the will of her lover. He takes her to court. She will be swept up in a media and political firestorm. It’s a fresh look at the abortion’s debate .
Family and violence are also centre in the drama series . Beating Hearts (12x44’) premiered in Canada last January and it’s distributed by Aelios Productions. It’s the story of family violence. This is also a topic in Australia with Safe Home (4x60’). A young woman leaves her job at a prominent law firm to work at a struggling family violence legal centre. She becomes entangles in the personal dramas of the lawyers and their clients, and her own past. The series is distributed by Banijay Rights.
The comedy Dear Daddies is a big hit - Mouseler said. This the tenth adaptation of the format distributed by Paramount. The show just premiered in Portugal last March and it’s about fathers dealing with their kids.
Going to the dark stories, later this year a true story about sexual abuse will premiere on TVI and Brazil and there was also a documentary on Netlix. Godless John distributed by Onza Distribution. It’s the story of a guru accused of sexual violence.
True Crime
On BBC One will premiere the series Steeltown Murders (All3media). The story (4x60’) is set in both 1973 and the early 2000s, and it’s focused on the hunt of a killer of three young women in Wales and how the case was later solved almost 30 years later using DNA evidence. The story is set in two time period.
Leva Life is another series based on true facts. Three friends face devastating news: One of them has cancer. But despite the treatment and the fear, 24-year-old Nora is fully ready to live life. The series (8.22’) broadcast in Sweden last April, and distributed by Viaplay Content Sales has already been commissioned for a second season.
On All Fours is the title of a Greek series broadcast last March, distributed by Antenna Studios. The series (8x35’) tells the story of a lively and outspoken young woman in a wheelchair who decides to live on her own terms in today overly political correctness.
Mental Health is a key topic
In Limbo (
6x60’) premiered in Australia (Newen Connect). Charlie is devasted by his friend Nate’s unforecastable suicide. But the next day, Nate returns as a ghost. As Charlie sets out to understand his friend’s suicide, their relationship grow stronger than ever.