Scripted premieres April 2023: a few new shows and many returning series (including reruns)

Scripted premieres April 2023: a few new shows and many returning series (including reruns)
Canale 5 released two dramas: a new, original series Il Patriarca and a returning one Luce dei Tuoi Occhi 2, which both received great ratings. On the other hand, neither Rai nor TV8 brought in any brand-new dramas as Rai 2 broadcast the fifth season of Rocco Schiavone, while TV8 aired the first season of A Casa Tutti Bene, first launched in 2021.

This month, Mediaset launched a new drama series titled Il Patriarca: produced by Taodue Film, Camfilm with RTI. The 12-episode series debuted on Friday, April 14 on Canale 5 and revolves around Nemo Bandera, a charismatic and corrupt entrepreneur who, after discovering an illness at nearly 60 years old, is forced to come to terms with his entire life, his affections, and his past. The series, directed by Claudio Amendola (also starring as the main character), gathered an audience of 3.2mln viewers with a 19.2% share on its first episode.
Also, on Wednesday, April 12 Mediaset’s flagship channel aired the second season of drama series Luce dei Tuoi Occhi (international title: My Ballerina). The 6-episode instalment, produced by Banijay Studios Italy for RTI, continues the story of Emma Conti who, after her failed attempt to find her long lost daughter, is forced into a thrilling investigation following a series of mysterious disappearances, all while trying not to lose her lover, Enrico. The first episode had an excellent result: 2.7mln viewers and a 16.5% audience share, that rises to 18.2% on the active public and achieved peaks of 3.5mln viewers up to 20% share. The series was also really successful on the young target audience, gathering a 23.4% share on 15–34-year-olds and a 25.1% on 15–24-year-olds.
As for Rai’s TV series, this month saw the return of detective drama Rocco Schiavone, whose fifth season aired on Wednesdays, April 5 to 19th on Rai 2. Produced by Cross Production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, the 4-part season still centres on Rocco Schiavone, deputy commissioner of the police station of Aosta, northern Italy, and the intense cases he has to solve, even if it means overstepping the limits of the law. Overall, the season gathered an average audience of 1.9mln viewers, with a 10.9% average share.

Lastly, on Wednesday, April 12 TV8 broadcast  the first season of A Casa Tutti Bene – La Serie, a Sky Original family drama which debuted in 2021 on the pay TV channel Sky Serie and streaming on NOW. Produced by Sky Studios and Lotus Production, the 8-episode season revolves around two Italian families, the Ristuccias and the Marianis, facing the tumultuous relationships among the relatives and the fight for the management of the family’s restaurant. Aired to promote the arrival of the second season on Sky on May 5, the first episode reached an audience of 139k viewers and a 0.8% share.