Sky Documentaries will air HBO docuseries “The Anarchists – Anarchia ad Acapulco”

Sky Documentaries will air HBO docuseries “The Anarchists – Anarchia ad Acapulco”
The HBO docuseries The Anarchists – Anarchia ad Acapulco has set a date for its Italian premiere: it will debut on Monday, May 1st at 9:15 p.m. only on Sky Documentaries, available to stream on NOW and on demand on Sky Go.

"Governments are the cause of almost every major problem on Earth," says Jeff Berwick, millionaire entrepreneur, blogger and bitcoin pioneer. The Anarchists - Anarchia ad Acapulco is the long story of how a single event, organized in the Mexican city in 2015 by the Canadian entrepreneur to promote anarchy, turned into an annual meeting that attracted an international following of libertarians, parents trying to protect their children from school, cryptocurrency evangelists and people attracted to the idea of creating a stateless community free of banking systems, along with fugitives with criminal records. As the meeting grew in size and fame, it attracted sponsorships from cryptocurrency companies and speakers such as Ron Paul and BitCoin investor Roger Ver; shortly after, the utopian ideology collided with the unpredictability of human nature, relationships, and rivalries.

Directed by Todd Schramke, the 6-episode docuseries takes a close look at the key players in this incredible story including Berwick himself, anarchist activists Lisa and Nathan Freeman who left the United States with their children to find a freer life in Mexico, and an American couple fleeing drug charges, Lily Forester and John Galton, who lost his life in Acapulco in a mysterious murder.

In chronological order, with the first episodes structured around each year's conference, the series traces the meteoric rise of "Anarchapulco" and the equally rapid dissolution of its community. This very concept is questioned by Erika Harris, one of the participants in the gathering: "What is a community? If you can't rally around someone when they're down, what's the point?" A crucial question in the current global political situation, that urgently needs to be answered.