Two leading Turkish Ay Yapim and Medyapim Producer joned forcesTwo leading Turkish Ay Yapim and Medyapim Producer joned forces

Scripted Format | Istanbul | 13/09/2018

Two leading Turkish Ay Yapim and Medyapim Producer joned forces Today Turkish storytelling reaches more than 150 countries around the world creating a massive ecosystem with its worldwide titles, celebrities and fans. Turkey became the world’s second-largest TV content exporter in only two decades and this success is crowned by an International Emmy Award for ‘Endless Love’. There is at least a dozen Turkish celebrities famous around the world and they all have powerful global influence on their fans through digital media.
Regardless of country and culture Turkish storytelling appeals to universal codes of being alive, being human, being in love and being loved… in other words they have access to deep-seated human insights. Even an adapted story from another part of the world, transforms and blossoms with these insights.
Time to establish fresh bonds and create a direct business approach: Madd Entertainment
Turkey’s two pioneering and leading production companies Medyapım and Ay Yapım collaborated in a joint venture, Madd (Medyapım Ay Yapım Drama Distribution) and gathered their international content distribution rights under a single roof.
Medyapım, founded in 1993 carries the heritage of the Turkish broadcasting know-how as one of the most experienced and well-known production houses in the country. Medyapım invested in Turkey’s first formats and first remakes and created series like “Girl Named Feriha”, “Mother”, “Woman” with global success.
Ay Yapım, founded in 2005, is the producer of Turkey’s most loved, watched and influential dramas. This young, fast paced, innovative company created titles like “Endless Love”, “Fatmagul”, “Ezel”, “Black Money Love” and “Forbidden Love”.
Newly founded in 2018, Madd Entertainment aims to be one-stop-shop for international content buyers for the best Turkish drama series and content rights. In the midst of a global disintermediation trend, as content creators we felt the need to get closer to our global business partners. We like to establish fresh bonds, create a direct business approach and become the single contact point. Madd Entertainment will work to make sure Turkish drama series are distributed worldwide with diversification, correct positioning and distribution strategy.
First in the industry, a collaboration that creates an impressive portfolio
Medyapım and Ay Yapım’s premium positioning and high quality productions enables them as trusted and preferred partners not only for international broadcasting companies but also for the world-wide famous Turkish stars for their future projects. Two production houses together, create more than 400 hours of fresh content annually and their content shapes Turkey’s prime time. Merging powers of two leading producers means ensuring a solid content portfolio for Madd Entertainment that includes a variety of genres, all worldwide Turkish celebrities and global storytelling know-how. All new outputs of Medyapım and Ay Yapım, starting from September 2018, will be under Madd Entertainment’s portfolio.
Transforming the way we do business
Madd Entertainment is founded to improve the way our series are distributed in current markets and seek new business opportunities, territories and mediums for Turkish drama to expand.
The new Turkish Super Series in Madd’s portfolio will pave way for entering new markets where current Turkish dramas are not relevant yet. Two brand new hit titles, Phi and Persona, aired in Turkey’s leading OTT service puhutv, will be available for buyers all around the world.
In addition to its core business, as a company vision, Madd aims to invest in the future of drama and collaborative productions with international partners. Thus Madd Entertainment will always be exploring new content, co-production and partnership opportunities with global producers and broadcasters.
Madd Entertainment’s Leadership
Madd Entertainment’s Managing Director Ateş İnce is a media professional over 20 years of experience in marketing and media. Former Chief Revenue Officer of Doğus Media Group and founder of Doğuş Digital, İnce’s scope of experience includes content sales, ad sales, vast branded content projects, brand building. He spent last 5 years on digital transformation of the company, created Turkey’s leader OTT and launched Turkey’s first Super Series Phi. He is a curious progressive mind who is a strong believer of Turkish media industry’s skills and capabilities.
Özlem Özsümbül, Madd Entertainment’s Director of International Sales has 20 years’ experience in International Sales and Acquisitions. Prior to joining Madd, Özsümbül was Head of Acquisitions and Film Investment for Kanal D, Teve2 & D Productions. She was managing regional and international content acquisitions for the Group from studios, producers, distributors and evaluating scripts, stories and researching for local feature films and projects to acquire and develop. She designed the first Turkish drama sales department in 2006 for Kanal D and pioneered sales of Turkish drama content to foreign countries.

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