Global Agency reveals new LA sales and big lineup for LA screeningsGlobal Agency reveals new LA sales and big lineup for LA screenings

Format | Istanbul | 10/05/2018

Global Agency reveals new LA sales and big lineup for LA screenings Global Agency has today announced that they are heading to next week’s LA Screenings market with couple of new sales and with a remarkable slate of projects for the region’s buyers.

Evermore [in picture], the breathtaking love story of two people from different backgrounds, has been sold to TV Azteca (Mexico). Following the sales to Albania (Tring TV), Croatia (Nova TV), Montenegro (Televizija Vijesti), Bulgaria (BTV), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Hayat), Romania (Kanal D), Georgia (Rustavi 2) and Greece (Mega TV), Mexico has been the first country to acquire the hit drama in Latin America. Evermore is one of the most important highlights of Global Agency’s impressive LA Screenings line – up with its romantic love story that puts together many of the attractive elements for the buyers.

The second season of Keep It or Lose It, an exciting game show played in a giant shopping mall with a huge cash prize at the end, has been licensed by SBT, Brazil. After the good results of the first season, SBT has already started working on the second season of the show.

The Legend, Global Agency’s striking singing talent format, has been acquired by Band TV, Brazil and the premiere date will release soon. On most TV talent shows, it's the jury that decides whether a contestant continues, and it's the audience that can change their fate. But The Legend gives the power to the contestants, so that they can write their own destiny. This format takes the best of the best and gives them a chance to showcase their musical talent and their character.

Global Agency also puts under the spotlight the drama series Love for Rent, Grand Family and formats In and Out, My Wife Rules (both soon to be premiered in Brazil); all with great potential to be cornerstones at the market.

Originally produced by Ortaks Yapım and broadcast on Star TV in Turkey, Love for Rent was the most successful drama in the 2015 fall season, breaking rating records. It was also one of the most talked about and popular series across all social media platforms. In addition, the international broadcast in CEE, CIS and Middle East regions have brought immense success to the respective channels. The leading cast have become very well – known worldwide with thousands of fans. Love for Rent is a perfect match for Latin American buyers with its storyline, cast and production quality.

In and Out is an exciting game show where your money prize can be increased or divided, or you can go bankrupt at any moment! The rules are very simple, and it is the easiest and most fun game to earn money. The excitement never ends until the end of the show. Those are the reasons why In and Out is expected to become one of the most in demand formats in Latin America.

Grand Family is another strong series with a great track record in Turkey just like Evermore and Love For Rent. We get to see the story of Hızır, leading member of the gang that smuggles weapons. He, eventually, rises up as the leader of the gang and tries to manage the complicated and dangerous relationships in his grand family. He also wants to be in the central focus of all the women in his life; his mother, his wife, his daughter and his girlfriend... The drama is already on air with its third season in Turkey and it has been one of the most successful projects of all times by becoming the favorite show on Tuesday nights for 3 years now.

My Wife Rules is the first couple cooking contest, where the husband is cooking by remote control! First, a chef will demonstrate a recipe to the wives only, who are not allowed to take notes. Then, they leave the kitchen and their husbands step up to the stove. Communicating only through an earpiece, the wives must get their husbands to cook the exact same dish without any experience or knowledge of what they are cooking! My Wife Rules was licensed to France 2, which has now aired almost 100 episodes. Monday to Friday, the show has more than doubled its share since going on air. The format was picked up by Mediacorp in Algeria, SBT in Brazil, Kanal D in Romania and Channel 7 in Thailand.

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