Beta Film boards high-end series “Victor Hugo – Enemy of the StateBeta Film boards high-end series “Victor Hugo – Enemy of the State

Scripted Format | Cannes | 08/04/2018

Beta Film takes worldwide rights for the French high-end series Victor Hugo – Enemy of the State by Quad, the company behind the box office hit The Intouchables. The four-hour series by director Jean-Marc Moutout (“The Bureau”) is currently being shot around Paris, northern France and at the Dordogne and will be wrapped mid-May. Beta will shop the France 2 production next week at MIPTV in Cannes for the first time.

Victor Hugo is portrayed by Yannick Choirat (“Rost and Bone”, “Mr Morgan’s Last Love”), the multi-awarded actress Isabelle Carré (“Romantics Anonymous“) is his lover Juliette. Victor Hugo – Enemy of the State is produced by Iris Bucher for Quad Television, in coproduction with Luc Martin-Gousset for Point du Jour.

He is one of the world’s most remarkable writers and author of the famous novel Les Misérables, blueprint for 35 feature films, numerous TV adaptations and legendary musicals. Victor Hugo – Enemy of the State grants an intimate look at Victor Hugo, as a private person, his life as a family man, his tumultuous love life, his doubts, beliefs and political commitment. During his work on Les Misérables, France experienced one of the most dramatic periods in history, the shift from Republic to Empire, from the 1848 revolution to the coup d’état of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte.

Director Jean-Marc Moutout: “When the series begins in 1848, Victor Hugo is already well-acquainted to fame and fortune. At 46, he is a member of the Académie française, has risen to the ranks of nobility … and is a royalist. When the series ends, three years later, he is a fugitive with a price on his head ... and republican. I want to show gradual change in Victor Hugo’s awareness and commitment, plunging into the heart of this era and life of this great man. Both are intimately linked, since Hugo abandons literature for the political fight.”

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