An Italian Axel Fiacco is the winner of the International Format Pitch ContestAn Italian Axel Fiacco is the winner of the International Format Pitch Contest

Italian News | Cannes | 08/04/2018

An Italian Axel Fiacco is the winner of the International Format Pitch Contest An Italian is the winner of the Mipformats Contest: Axel Fiacco CEO of Bic Formats.
On Saturday, April 7th took place the final of the Formagination at MIPFormats –The International Format Pitch contest, hosted by Armoza Formats and with five new format ideas from around the world. I Need A Hero was pitched by Israeli news anchor and journalist Lital Shemesh. It’s a dating show where men compete in ‘heroic physical challenges’ to impress a single woman – but where in between those feats, she’s secretly testing their character. The Circle! was pitched by David Visnjic of Michael DOLINSEKfilm in Austria. It’s a studio-based quiz show with the contestants on a rotating platform surrounded by 12 screens, trying to play their way out of the circle to take home a cash prize.

Light My Fire was pitched by Axel Fiacco of BicFormats in Italy. It’s a dating show where contestants wear ‘love shirts’ that light up if they are attracted to a potential partner. They’re then sent on dates to find out ‘if their body was right’. Are You Clueless? was pitched by Spanish producers Isabel Durán and Alfonso Ferrandis. It’s a culture-based game-show that tests people’s knowledge, while also challenging them to admit that they know less than they think. And Future Astronauts was pitched by Miroslaw Skowron of Mediolia in Poland: a show following a group of teenagers getting astronaut training, leading up to a final mission that simulates living on Mars, with cooperative challenges and a positive message for watching viewers.

The overall winner of the contest was Light My Fire, with the judges’ second-place pick going to I Need a Hero. Meanwhile, Future Astronauts took the prize for the audience vote.

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