Global Agency reveals its impressive format line at MiptvGlobal Agency reveals its impressive format line at Miptv

Format | Istanbul | 03/04/2018

Global Agency reveals its impressive format line at Miptv Global Agency has today announced its impressive line – up of entertainment formats heading to MIPTV 2018. From thrilling quiz shows and exciting reality programs to shiny – floor talent shows as well as outstanding dating and fashion formats, Global Agency brings 11 programs to the market.

Heritage is the first of its kind format with full of entertainment and fun inside! An old and rich widow has realized that she has no heir and wants to find the perfect person to give a part of her legacy. 6 contestants have been carefully chosen to live with the rich widow. She will eliminate 4 contestants, based on obscure reasons of her own. Only 2 contestants will face her final decision in the last episode.

Fashion Auction: Websites offering people the possibility to sell at auction second-hand fashion clothes and accessories are booming. Even the classic auction houses surf on this trend with vintage fashion auctions. Fashion Auction brings this phenomenon to TV!

Kids Cook the Funniest Things! is a hilarious entertainment format that will appeal to adults and children alike as the kids take control and they have their fantasy foods made in front of their eyes! For the viewers watching at home the foods will be awe-inspiring and unbelievable! They’ll learn about cooking and science in an innovative way as we focus on the construction and cooking side of the process for the majority of each episode. The chefs explain their methods as they work, and snappy diagrams and graphics break down the science.

The Sphere is a game show where 5 contestants compete against each other, 1 contestant makes it to the final round and tries to win 1.000.000 USD prize. At the beginning of the game, each contestant will be assigned a different color and there will be transparent spheres in front of them, each containing 10 balls, in matching colors with the contestants’ color. Each ball is worth 10.000 USD. In other words, each contestant starts the Game Show with 100.000 USD. Their goal is to answer as many questions as possible with the correct answer and have the maximum amount of balls in their sphere of luck.

Sounds of the Nation is the new feel good, uplifting and enriching singing talent format of the screen, where customs and folklore unify generations of audiences together! This brand-new format is the one and only folklore music contest that takes the most loved celebrities of the country to their hometowns, to find local folk singers. In each episode, the 3 celebrities will find 3 contestants back who perform the local music of their region.

Home Therapy: The dwelling of a couple reflects the current situation of the relationship: old furniture, faded wallpapers and outdated carpets might be the mirror of the emotional stage of each partner and straight up communication at times may lead to even more disastrous consequences. So, could doing a big house renovation project together also revive the washed-out relation? In Home Therapy, the couple will have a chance to express their problems to each other and attempt to solve them in a playful way, while rebuilding together their future family house, or mark the end of their story…

Looking for My Mother is a reality show based on real life stories and created with meticulous investigative journalism. Each episode includes breathtaking and thrilling developments. Children of the past, who are now adults apply to the program to find their biological mothers after realizing that the woman they knew as their mother for so long is in fact not their biological mother… The incredible life stories and secrets of people who’d like to find out who their biological parents are revealed.

My Life is a Scenario is an improv comedian talent show. The program will put the contestants into different real-life acting challenges in order to find out who the best and funniest is. Each participant will be assigned a different character, role and lifestyle, and will have to perform in real-life situation accordingly. The show’s evaluation of the contestants’ performances will be based on improvisation and acting skills, and coherence with the character description.

Mom, Dad…Please Don’t Wear That! is a cool and fun idea in which a group of kids will help other kids update what their parents style so they can look hip and fashionable. It’s a fun Lifestyle Reality where the younger generation will help the older generation to look better.

Campus Chef: Being a student is not easy! Hard courses, countless exams and the money is never ever enough. The new generation cooking program Campus Chef brings tasty recipes to the screen and awards young chefs with a cash prize. Campus Chef’s three food trucks visit different college campuses every week; they are greeted by the members of cooking teams that will take part in the contest. Each team consists of two gastronomy students, and they will have to prove their cooking skills to win the 5000 dollars cash prize.

Power of Love is a reality show that serves as a social experiment where contestants compete individually, and the goal is to find love. “Power of Love”, the new generation reality show with the theme “love”, includes 7 young women, 7 young men and two separate home decors located inside the studio.

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