Rob Clarck introduces the new formats at the upcoming Miptv Rob Clarck introduces the new formats at the upcoming Miptv

Format | London | 27/03/2018

Rob Clarck introduces the new formats at the upcoming Miptv Fremantle Media presentes the new lineup for the upcoming Miptv 2018.
First, we have Secret Admirer. This is an irresistibly tense dating show from our partners Naked Entertainment which can spark romance or kill a friendship. Cameras follow dates as they take place between the admirers and the unsuspecting objects of their affections where they admit their true feelings. These admirers truly take their hearts in their hands and open up to the person they've harboured feelings towards for months, years - possibly even decades! The series has already thrived in the UK on Channel 5 and MTV, Bravo in the US and TV3 Sweden.

Then it’s Time to Dance with our new dance competition, where you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The entertainment format is created by FremantleMedia’s Dutch production house Blue Circle, with fresh dance talent, an elite team of expert judges, tantalising routines and tension. The audition process is ruthless: dancers are given only 30-seconds to show their skills, before facing a gut-wrenching wait to discover the judges’ verdict. Those successful will then go through to perform a full audition in front of a live studio audience to be in with a chance of winning a huge cash prize, while the others are sent straight home.

Wishes really do come true with our next format, All Your Wishes, the exciting primetime wish fulfilment show from FremantleMedia France for M6. A lucky few see their craziest wishes granted on stage where your imagination is the limit. A top magician uses large-scale illusions to take members of the public on a hilarious and magical journey towards making their dreams come true. Combining magic, comedy and wish fulfilment… this is perfect viewing for the whole family.

Beat The Clock is a much-loved classic gameshow from our archives, but with a modern makeover courtesy of FremantleMedia North America. Vibrant, funny and colourful, it originally aired in the 1950’s and the new US revival is already bringing different generations of viewers together. This is an action-packed show where kids and their adult relatives team up in a thrilling timed race as they compete in wacky and hilarious challenges under a giant clock.

Commissioned by RTL1 from FremantleMedia Portugal, Recipes From Home is our deliciously simple cooking challenge. Home viewers send in their step-by-step instruction videos of a family recipe, which two teams then attempt to cook. The final dishes then are judged by a celebrity Head Chef in the blind taste test and the winning team stays on. The audience will pick up tips and tricks along the way from the traditional recipes, while the fun camaraderie in the cook-offs will leave viewers hungry for more.

Celebrities Advice Bureau is our new talking heads show from Voltage TV that asks stars to answer problems from the everyday to the downright bizarre. Celebrity duos of agony aunts and uncles advise on problems posed by members of the public, before offering up their own unique - and sometimes questionable - pearls of wisdom. We have everyone from presenters, athletes, actors, writers and comedians giving their frank opinion on these relatable issues, but is honesty really the best policy?

Finally we meet The Employables from Eureka for SBS in Australia, where one self-made entrepreneur takes a group of socially disadvantaged job seekers and tries to form the next hottest start-up. Refreshingly empowering to watch, the determined participants face the true Silicon Valley test to create a business that would survive in the real world.

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