Good debut for the 1th episode of Common Sense on Rai 3Good debut for the 1th episode of Common Sense on Rai 3

Italian News | Rome | 12/09/2017

Good debut for the 1th episode of Common Sense on Rai 3 Senso Comune, the Italian version of Common Sense was launched on Monday, September by RAI 3 in access prime time, achieving a very good 5,6% market share and reaching over 1.300.000 viewers.

Common Sense the highly entertaining round up of the daily features a cast of real people and their real opinions as they round up the week's most talked about topics and newsworthy events whilst in conversation with one another in their workplace. From general news and current affairs to the latest in politics, sport and popular culture,

The "Common sense" a BBC format created by Studio Lambert, that unifies from North to South the Italians, is a format produced by Stand By Me along with Rai 3, stripped daily from Monday to Friday. Drawing from newspapers, radio, magazines and websites, Common Sense will tackle every topic that shouldn’t be talked about at dinner parties, and filter the news of the week into a funny, informative, insightful and entertaining half hour episode.

Different views, sometimes opposite, will be given a voice, unusual opinions sometimes trivial but often illuminating will be revealed. An anthropological survey that crosses Italy from North to South, takes place thanks to the most popular and known to the general public news reports. Common sense will allow people to say what they think to give the viewers a contemporary view of the culture of our country.

The deal for Common Sense with Stand by Me was negotiated by all3media international. Common Sense originally produced for BBC Two in the UK was also commissioned by Foxtel’s Lifestyle and Network Ten in Australia.


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