Canal 13 Chile is on point with VértigoCanal 13 Chile is on point with Vértigo

Format | Chile | 16/08/2017

Having been on air on Canal 13 for 12 seasons, Vértigo has become a Chilean TV classic, and the format has traveled as well via a handful of international sales.

The live prime-time format sees celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, politics and sports discussing their pasts and relationships with the public, even making some buzzworthy revelations.

“The authenticity of Vértigo lies mainly in the perfect combination of three elements: humor, truth and contingency, which together create the unquestionable hallmark of the format,” says Rodrigo Correa Pohl, content sales manager at Canal 13 Chile. “These three main elements allow us to offer a format that is appealing to any territory. It’s a show capable of adapting to every market that [is looking for] a fresh format. Also, due to all the years the show has been on air, new ways of elimination and participation with the audience have been implemented, which makes it an innovative and pioneering show.”

He adds that Vértigo breaks the conventions of a traditional game-show format with its infusion of glamor, emotions and conversations. Canal 13 Chile will be at MIPCOM looking to shore up further sales on the title, which Correa Pohl is confident can “conquer every market.” The company’s format slate also includes the successful reality show Opposite Worlds (Mundos Opuestos), in which 20 participants—ten being celebrities—live in a house divided by a glass wall that separates it into two distinct parts: one that is outfitted with futuristic amenities and the other that is themed with the scarcity of the past. Correa Pohl describes it as an “extreme reality show where teamwork is essential and the presence of each participant will depend on their performance in every elimination game.” The format has been adapted and aired in Paraguay (RPC), the U.S. (Syfy) and Colombia (RCN).

New from Canal 13 Chile for MIPCOM are Papá Mono and Irreversible. Papá Mono is a scripted comedy about Francisca, a single mother who lives with her son Nico after her husband runs off with another woman. Seeing his mother overburdened with household chores, Nico enlists the help of his grandfather, Caco Martínez, a fun-loving and lazy man who loves parties, women and alcohol but deep down has a big heart. Irreversible, meanwhile, is a series of self-contained episodes that tell the stories of murders inspired by real-life cases.

Correa Pohl notes that Canal 13 Chile has built up a considerable amount of expertise in the last 56-plus years of being in the television business, notably “in the development and creation of original formats.” He also points out that the Chilean broadcaster has successfully adapted a number of high-profile formats from the international market, including The Voice and MasterChef, “always maintaining the quality of the original versions and presenting new business lines that weren’t discussed in our country before.”

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