Mediaset Distribution launches Donnavventura spin-offs in BudapestMediaset Distribution launches Donnavventura spin-offs in Budapest

Format | Milano | 22/06/2017

Mediaset Distribution launches Donnavventura spin-offs in Budapest At a press gathering today at NATPE Budapest, Mediaset Distribution presented two brand-new spin-offs for the long-running Italian series Donnavventura, both of which feature a competition at their core.

“I am very excited to present these formats because Donnavventura has been a popular and familiar brand for Mediaset networks for many years,” said Manuela Caputi, the head of Mediaset Distribution. “We have been producing Donnavventura for 28 years. It is more than a proven format.”

Caputi said that the original Donnavventura has wide appeal. “We select smart, good-looking, dynamic women, which appeals to every audience. We take them to very amazing, exotic and wonderful places around the world.” The reality adventure show is offered as a finished series and as a format.

To meet the needs of the international market, however, the producers decided to infuse a competition element. Donnavventura Challenge features an all-female team, who embark on an exotic journey with the aim of winning a job at a prestigious magazine. In each episode someone is voted off by the TV audience. Master Adventure, meanwhile, features both male and female teams. The shows are being offered as

Caputi pointed out that there are plenty of opportunities for sponsorships that come along with the format. “It has also been an incredible way to give value to every location that we visit. It’s a beautiful way for the location to [showcase] their natural beauty.”

As for why the company chose NATPE Budapest as a launching pad for the two formats, Caputi told World Screen Newsflash: “The first request we had regarding this format was from Greece and we thought it could really work. From there, we started developing these spin-offs. We were aiming at [the Central and Eastern European] market. Our dearest and most faithful clients are in this market. For us, it was very important to pitch this great production to our closest clients and friends. We felt very confident that we could talk to channels that we have been cooperating with for so many years mainly regarding fiction, but now for this project. It was absolutely the right bet because we have already secured interest from different territories.”

Caputi added that Mediaset Distribution has proposed some cost solutions for smaller countries working with lower budgets to be able to adapt the shows. One would be to localize only the casting and training in a country, but have that local group come along on the travel and adventures of the Italian cast. “They could take advantage of the know-how and the costs,” she said.

Another idea would be to have groups from different countries competing against each other in the same show. “That could also make it more interesting!” Caputi said.

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