MIPTV: Who’s creating the next big hit? is the title of the conference moderated by Maria Chiara Duranti

MIPTV: Who’s creating the next big hit? is the title of  the conference moderated by Maria Chiara Duranti
Among the overloaded offer of content, who’s creating the next big hit?
This is a key question that formats experts Avi Armoza, CEO Armoza Formats, Goshu Segawa, Manager, Global Business Department at TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television), Max Einhorn, SVP of acquisition and Co-Production at FIlmrise tried to answer in a panel moderated by Maria Chiara Duranti, Chief editor Formatbiz in the frame of MIPTV.
For Avi Armoza, the inspiration to create a successful IP can be from the technologies, like in the show "Bingo Blitz", that uses cutting-edge technology to create a cost-effective production with high value. In the game show, two participants play across seven rounds as they answer a blitz of trivia questions in just 60 seconds. For every correct answer, a number is drawn from the iconic, huge bingo machine. Every number earns more money – and if you score a bingo, you get to bring home the cash. But they must first bet on how many questions they will get right and if they miss… their road to bingo will be blocked.
According to TBS, the traditional game shows are still working. After the success of "LOL" and all the crazy wacky games of the past, this is a still a trend. Goshu Segawa showed his latest title "Step of Slide", a quiz show in which participants must answer two-choice questions by standing on the step of two stairways representing the choices, aiming to step up to the top by answering all the questions correctly. However, for every participant with the wrong choice, the steps on their stairway folds, turning it into a huge slide that forces them to slide all the way down, where they must start over again. The show was broadcast by TBS in Japan last February 2023.
For Max Einhorn, one suggestion can come from the content creators on streaming, on YouTube. "There are influencers and content creators with millions of followers and many big group like Apple+ or BBC are looking in the niche to find new ideas", admitted Einhorn. Filmrise executive showed the showreel of "Not Like Mamma", a show hosted by actress, producer, author, entrepreneur Tia Mowry and singer-songwriter and talk show host Terrell Grice. The cooking show programme features a new spin on cooking challenges. In each episode, a family member is put to the test: to prepare their matriarch/patriarch’s ‘family recipe’ to perfection. Family recipes are often passed down through generations from memory. Family members must recreate the featured recipe and then be judged by the hosts, their relatives, and, of course, the family tradition-torchbearer, to determine whether they recreated the dish successfully.
To recap all the suggestions, Maria Chiara Duranti stated that "each one has a different and valid suggestions for new ideas from the growing impact of youTuber content creators to technologies, to the possibilities of augmented reality (AI) applied to television programs, others prefer to sticking to established elements such as classical game shows (Japanese quiz show) or crazy comedians, the important thing anyway is to tell a good story that can entertain the audience, but with different models for each platform or device otherwise, the risk is too high."