The Winner of the First Berlinale Series Award is The Good Mothers

The Winner of the First Berlinale Series Award  is The Good Mothers

The first Berlinale Series Award in cooperation with Deadline went to The Good Mothers. This is the first verdict from the Berlinale Series jury Mette Heeno, André Holland and Danna Stern:“The Good Mothers captured us with its multi-layered characters that are treated with care and allow to evolve before our very eyes. We were moved, anxious and, at times, breathless.
The series creators have been meticulous in recreating an authentic and detailed world, presented by a stellar cast, with performances that made our hearts skip a beat.
The beautiful cinematography, production design and locations contribute to the ultra-realistic feel of the show, which is only right, considering it is based on true events and on real life characters – the courageous women who stood up to decades of oppression and misogyny and helped bring down the Calabrian mafia.”
A Special Mention has been dedicated to the Norwegian Series Arkitekten (The Architect).

The Good Mothers is based on the eponymous novel by Alex Perry which is based on true events, screenwriter Stephen Butchard weaves together the stories of three extraordinary women, and tells of their brave decision to turn their backs on a vicious circle of oppression and violence, and to take on their own families instead. Directors Julian Jarrold and Elisa Amoroso have found poetic and disquieting images to portray a world full of extreme contradictions and make palpable the nervous tension that constantly accompanies the titular “good mothers”.
Produced by House Productions and Wildside for Disney +.

Photo by Berlinale: The Team of the winning series of the first Berlinale Series Award, The Good Mothers: Daniel Frigo (country manager The Walt Disney Company Italia), Elisa Amoruso (director), Julian Jarrold (director), Alessandro Saba (head of productions The Walt Disney Company Italia)