Cyber Group Studios Hosts 2022 online edition of International Emmy® Kids Awards Semi-Final Round of Judging

On Monday, September 12th,2022, Cyber Group Studios hosted the Semi-Final Round of Judging for the International Emmy® Kids Awards in the Animation category. Gathering leading industry executives from some of the biggest television broadcasters around the world, the Semi-Final Round of Judging for the 50th edition of the prestigious global children’s television awards competition took place in a virtual format.

Leading animated programs were screened and ranked by the jury. International Emmy® Kids Awards Nominees across three categories, including Animation, will be announced end of September. Winners will be announced at the 50th International Emmy®Awards, in New York, on November 21st.
The online judging session was hosted by Chairman & CEO of Cyber Group Studios, Pierre Sissmann, a Director of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, under the supervision of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences host, Ellen Xing.

Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO, Cyber Group Studios, said: “It is always a thrill to organize the International Emmy® semifinals with so many of our colleagues and partners around the world as it enables us not only to screen the best qualifying programs but also spend some great quality time together. Coming after a long COVID pandemic, I am particularly pleased to see that our industry is flourishing with new creative talent and projects for the benefit of children and families all over the planet.”
Nathaniel Brendel, Sr. Dr. Judging t, added: “We thank our Host Pierre Sissmann and the Cyber Group Studios team for hosting once again and bringing together such a distinguished group of jurors.”


Andrea Basilio _ RTP (Portugal)
Nathalie Chamberland _ Radio-Canada (Canada)
Rick Clodfelter_ The Walt Disney Company (USA)
Claudia Dalley _ POP, Tiny POP (United Kingdom)
Sebastian Debertin – KIKA (Germany)
Luiz Filipe Figueira _ Gloob & Gloobinho (Brazil)
Yann Labasque _TF1 (France)
Susanna Mazzoleni _ Warner Bros. Discovery (Italy)
Luca Milano _ RAI Ragazzi (Italy)
Karen K. Miller _ Cyber Group Studios (USA)
Nermine Mohamed _ Abu Dhabi Media (United Arab Emirates)
Sarah Muller _ BBC (United Kingdom)
Darren Nartey _ ITV (United Kingdom)
Michele Paris _ Knowledge Network Corporation (Canada)
Adina Pitt _ Warner Bros. Discovery (USA)
Archibald Rebeche_ The Walt Disney Company (France)
Chris Rose _ Nickelodeon (United Kingdom)
Orion Ross _ The Walt Disney Company (United Kingdom)
Pierre Sissmann_ Cyber Group Studios (France)
Tara Sorensen _ Apple (USA)
Amy Takahara, Netflix (USA)
Kristofer Updike _ NBCUniversal Media, LLC (USA)
Patricia Vasapollo – HR (Germany)