Super Benny is the new animation series dedicated to the celeb superchef Benedetta Rossi

Super Benny is the new animation series dedicated to the celeb superchef Benedetta Rossi
Benedetta Rossi, web star and beloved face of Food Network and Real Time is transformed into Super Benny,  produced by KidsMe, the Content Factory of De Agostini Editore, for Warner Bros. Discovery, the first animated production entirely dedicated to her and to her family. The series will premiere on Discovery + on the first of June.

In the series, Benedetta is a web star grappling with the little big problems of everyday life, always busy between the digital world and housework. She lives in her country cottage with her husband Marco, the dog Cloud and the friendly farmyard animals (Lella, the cynical hen, Julie, the fashionista pony, Blue, the conspiratorial ninja peacock and the pair of birds Tony and Gino), who in each episode make some mess. To save the situation, Benedetta will transform into Super Benny, a modern day Mary Poppins, who always finds the right "recipe" to solve problems using everyday objects in an original, crazy and unexpected way.

The world of Super Benny, between reality and fantasy, combines real characters, loved by the public, with the characteristics that identify them, enhanced by the fantasy of the cartoon version (from the genuine pragmatism of Benedetta, which comes to life in her transformation into Super Benny, up to the conjugal dynamics with Marco, passing through the playful forays of the dog Cloud), with the most magical aspects of the format and the most funny and slapstick moments, linked to the crazy band of animals in the farmyard. There is also space for attention to issues of inclusion and representation of diversity, with the aim of telling the little ones a world without stereotypes.