Lucky 13: A Minimal Game

Lucky 13: A Minimal Game
Games, and especially quizzes, are a kind of 'safe haven' in these rather complicated television times: they are relatively cheap and - as a rule - guarantee good results. Among the various sub-groups, we can also mention the division between 'big' and 'minimal' games.

The first category includes games with a strong visual impact, either because of the large number of participants (The 1% Club and The Floor among them), a significant scenic aspect that characterizes them (Mental Samurai/Mental Masters, The Quiz with Balls) or for other reasons.

The second group has none of these and relies entirely on the strength of the rules and the mechanism, which, if well designed, still guarantees excellent results. The classic The Chase is the ultimate example of this genre.
Lucky 13, from executive producer Kevin Bacon & Studio 1, which will premiere this summer on ABC, is part of this second group. The quiz tests contestants' knowledge with 13 true-or-false trivia questions, but with a twist: how well do they know what they know? and, just as importantly, how well do they know what they don't know?
A qualifying true/false question is asked and the fastest right answer plays the first round: Lucky 7, that consists of seven true/false questions under a timer. Each right answer is worth more money, from $1,000 and up to $20,000 for a perfect 7. Contestants are asked to predict how many they think they got right before their answers are revealed, and a right answer adds a $10,000 bonus.
After two pairs have played, the team with more money can choose to keep their money or give it up to play Lucky 13 and play for the jackpot. If they don't play, the other team is forced to play. Lucky 13 is played in the same way as Lucky 7, but players are asked to predict how many answers they get right. If they guess correctly, they win the money they got. If they don't, they get nothing.

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