MFE-MediaForEurope Confirms Top Management: Pier Silvio Berlusconi as CEO and Fedele Confalonieri as Chairman

 MFE-MediaForEurope Confirms Top Management: Pier Silvio Berlusconi as CEO and Fedele Confalonieri as Chairman
The Board of Directors of MFE-MEDIAFOREUROPE N.V., elected by today’s Shareholders' Meeting, convened to make important resolutions regarding management positions and corporate governance.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi has been reaffirmed as Chief Executive Officer, continuing his leadership role. Fedele Confalonieri has also been reconfirmed as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the next three years, ensuring continuity at the highest level of the company’s governance.

The Board also established an Executive Committee comprising five members: Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Marco Giordani, Gina Nieri, Niccolò Querci, and Stefano Sala. This committee is poised to drive strategic decisions and oversee key operations within the company.

In accordance with applicable law and the Netherlands’ Corporate Governance Code, the Board assessed the independence of its directors. This assessment was based on information provided by the directors themselves and additional information available to the Company. The Board confirmed that the following directors meet the independence requirements pursuant to the Netherlands’ Corporate Governance Code: Stefania Bariatti, Marina Brogi, Giulio Gallazzi, Alessandra Piccinino, Patrizia Arienti, Consuelo Crespo Bofill, and Javier Diez de Polanco.

Additionally, the Board established two critical committees:

The Audit and Sustainability Committee:
Chaired by Alessandra Piccinino, with members Patrizia Arienti, Marina Brogi, and Javier Diez de Polanco. This committee will focus on oversight of financial reporting, audit processes, and sustainability initiatives.

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee:
Chaired by Stefania Bariatti, with members Consuelo Crespo Bofill and Giulio Gallazzi. This committee will handle matters related to board nominations, executive remuneration, and succession planning.

These appointments and committee formations reflect MFE-MediaForEurope's commitment to robust corporate governance and strategic leadership, aimed at fostering sustainable growth and long-term value for its shareholders.