Focus Formats: A Spotlight on Latin Game Shows

Focus Formats: A Spotlight on Latin Game Shows
Spain will be the Country of Honor in the upcoming 40th edition of MipCom, to be held on October 21-24 in Cannes. It is a good opportunity to do an issue entirely dedicated to recently launched Latin formats, some of which are original, which is always great news.

On Sunday 9th June, Cash, el Peso del Dinero VIP (Cash, the Weight of Money VIP’)premiered in prime time on Las Estrellas, one of the main channels of the Mexican-American TelevisaUnivision, produced by The Mediapro Studio and based on an original format by Grup Mediapro, S.L.U and Phileas Production.
Presented by Héctor Sandarti (who hosted the Spanish version of Deal or No Deal), the game pits two teams of four celebrities, led by two captains, against each other to fulfil a family's dream by answering questions on showbiz, geography, sport and culture.
The competition consists of three phases. In the first phase, teams will face three rounds of questions, giving them the chance to increase their prize money. The second phase is an elimination duel to determine which team will go through to the final. In the final stage, the finalist team will face a round of 5 questions. If they can answer them correctly, they will win a substantial cash prize to be donated to a family.
There are five large safes on the stage, which are the symbols of the show. In each battle, the celebrities will have to be very careful as any mistake in their answer will cause them to be 'crushed' by these boxes and sent into 'Limbo'. Celebrities who reach ‘Limbo’ will not be able to take part in the following stages, but they will be able to cheer on their team-mates or annoy the members of the opposing team.
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