Navigating the Challenges of International Format Success: Insights from a Small Market Perspective

Navigating the Challenges of International Format Success: Insights from a Small Market Perspective
The Unscripted Quest: Hunting for the Next Hit Format conference in Dubrovnik during NEM (June 10-13, 2024) moderated by Kasia Madera, BBC News tv presenter offered an insight on formats with a super panel of professionals:
Anahita Kheder, EVP EMEA, Formats & Licensing, Fremantle International,Ralf Rückauer, Vice President of the Unscripted Department, ZDF Studios, Huub van Ballegooy, Senior Vice President Global Creative & Production Support, ITV Studios, Kevin Soares, EVP International Formats, IDTV, Igor Draguzet, Chief Content Officer, CME
and Marina Williams, Chief Content Officer, Asacha.

The main topic was how to find a new success and how the CEE regions deal with creativity in the entertainment world launching formats for the International market.

In the dynamic landscape of television formats, creating a hit show requires more than just a brilliant idea; it demands strategic partnerships and an international outlook. For this reason, Broadcasters prefer classical old format, because they don't want to take risk.

The creation of a successful television format isn't merely a local endeavor; it necessitates a vision that transcends borders. While a great idea might originate in central New York, the true potential of a format is realized through its international rollout. This global perspective is crucial, as highlighted by the experience of Stand By Me, an independent production company. Their journey illustrates the importance of not only developing unique formats but also leveraging partnerships with larger entities to achieve wider success - said Williams (Asacha).

There are many factors that contribute to create a success, from the local talent  that can bring authenticity and relatability, which are crucial for building a loyal viewership, building strategic partnerships with established production companies to gain access to broader distribution channels and resources. These partnerships can also lend credibility and reduce perceived risks for broadcasters. Use smaller markets as testing grounds for new formats. Successful local adaptations can provide valuable data and proof of concept, making it easier to pitch the format to larger markets. Invest in developing local production teams and creative talent. A robust local industry can generate a steady stream of innovative ideas and formats, enhancing the region's reputation as a creative hub.

The increasing proportion of commissioning budgets allocated to non-scripted formats presents an opportunity for smaller markets to shine.The success of formats like "The Masked Singer," which originated from Korea and became a global sensation, underscores the potential for great ideas to transcend borders, regardless of their origin.