Izzet Pinto Champions Strategic Marketing

Izzet Pinto Champions Strategic Marketing
In an insightful panel titled "Marketing in Business Entertainment," Izzet Pinto, CEO and founder of Global Agency, delved into the critical role of marketing investment in the entertainment sector. Pinto shared his expertise and strategic approaches to promoting a new Turkish series One Love, emphasizing the need for comprehensive marketing to ensure the show's success.

"The series in focus centers on a conflict between two families—one secular and one modern -Pinto said- the importance of distinguishing the show from religious dramas, instead positioning it as a telenovela. "We thought we should do an extremely detailed presentation on marketing so that people get the story and see that it's like a telenovela rather than a religious one," Pinto explained. This involved a series of strategic marketing efforts designed to capture and hold audience attention".

Pinto explained that the campaign kicked off with a compelling teaser to introduce the show. "This was followed by detailed presentations at various international events throughout the year. At MIPCOM, one of the premier entertainment markets, Global Agency utilized their stand to engage sales executives with screens showcasing the show's highlights". The International markets are the key to promote a product in different countries from presentations in Miami and at Content Americas, emphasizing a global promotional strategy.

Given the decline of print media, Global Agency shifted focus to digital advertising. They secured prominent double banners on major industry websites such as C21, World Screen, and Formatbiz. This digital presence was crucial for standing out in a crowded market.
Mass email campaigns formed a cornerstone of their strategy. These emails provided updates on the number of countries that had purchased the show, comparative ratings, and other key metrics. Pinto noted the importance of regular communication, with updates sent every two to three weeks to maintain momentum and attract more buyers.
Press releases were distributed widely to both digital and print media outlets, ensuring continuous coverage and interest in the show,  while the social media network played a pivotal role in engaging fans and building a global audience. Pinto highlighted the need to interact with fans through various posts, including quizzes, updates on guest actors, and information about the show's sales and ratings. This fan engagement helped generate buzz and draw attention from potential buyers.
Also, he pointed out the importance of a soft launch strategy, initially introducing the leading actor to the Miami market for a meet-and-greet session and panel discussion. This approach allowed for a controlled rollout before the full cast was introduced at major events like MIPCOM, which Pinto described as the most important market in the industry.

"To ensure a strong media presence, Global Agency organized a press conference, inviting journalists from 50 different countries. This was complemented by a major party event the same night, designed to celebrate the show's launch and further engage the media and potential buyers".

Izzet Pinto's insights highlight the necessity of a well-rounded, strategic approach to marketing in the entertainment industry. Through a combination of global events, digital media, email campaigns, press releases, and social media engagement, Global Agency aims to effectively promote their shows and captivate audiences worldwide. Pinto's dedication to detailed marketing underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in navigating the dynamic landscape of entertainment marketing.