CEO Insights: Marcos Milanez on Rakuten TV Strategy

CEO Insights: Marcos Milanez on Rakuten TV Strategy
Marcos Milanez is Rakuten TV’s Chief Content Officer and responsible for the company’s Content strategy, acquisition rights and originals. Before joining Rakuten TV back in 2018, Marcos has also gone through other media companies such as Turner Warner Media, Vubiquity, World Wrestling Entertainment and TV Globo/Globosat, gathering over 20 years of experience in licensing content and TV channels across a variety of rights internationally.

What is Rakuten TV's strategy for delivering content to its customers?

Rakuten TV aims to deliver the best quality content to its customers. We’re also committed to provide what’s most relevant to our local audiences, hence why it’s key that our Acquisitions dept is in sync with our local teams. But more importantly, we want to enable our customers to have the freedom of choice, so we will continue to offer the possibility to access content through various ways: buy, rent or watch for free with ads (either on-demand or linear).

What types of content does Rakuten TV license and produce for its channels?
 We license content for our transactional VOD, AVOD and FAST channels, so it can be quite a broad variety of genres. Specifically for our owner and operated branded Rakuten TV channels, our focus has been to license feature films (across all genres), as well as Crime (scripted or true crime) and Reality series. We also do offer our Rakuten TV Originals, which we produce exclusively for our AVOD & FAST channels. We’ve recently launched Originals such as the talent shows “Hairstyle” and “Make up Stars”, as well as the 2nd season of our reality adventure series “Discovering Canaria Islands”. We’re always open to hear new projects from production companies, agencies or brands which would like to associate themselves with our Originals portfolio.

Who is the target audience for Rakuten TV, and how do you reach them?
Our target audience varies quite a lot depending on market and content usage. We have customers that are more inclined to buy or rent the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie that just came off the cinemas, but we also have a very large audience that would rather watch something for free - and that’s where we come in with also top quality content, but across multiple categories and not just movies. Ultimately we tap in to a large broad audience due to not only the diversity of our content selection, but also due to our large distribution scale via our app being pre-installed in all leading Smart TV manufacturers and with also our branded remote control button.