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Italian Scripted Premieres of May: Italian TV schedules change with the boom of Turkish series - Biopics like Marconi (Rai 1) and Sei nell'Anima (Netflix) continue to succeed

Italian Scripted Premieres of May: Italian TV schedules change with the boom of Turkish series - Biopics like Marconi (Rai 1) and Sei nell'Anima (Netflix) continue to succeed
Summer is approaching, and the two main broadcasters, Rai 1 and Canale 5, are scaling back the premieres of new series in prime time, with a few exceptions. There's a notable increase in biopics and Turkish series, creating a boom in that genre. Mediaset has become a key market for the primary distributors of Turkish telenovelas.

Among the new launches, Netflix released Sei nell’Anima (Tr. "Beautiful Rebel") on Thursday, May 2. The film is a musical biopic based on the autobiography of rock star singer Gianna Nannini and is produced by Indiana Production.

The second, 12-part season of the crime comedy Viola come il mare (Tr. "Purple Like the Sea") premiered on Canale 5 on Friday, May 3, following its initial launch on the Mediaset Infinity streaming platform on Wednesday, April 24, with a preview of the first six episodes. The show, based on the novel "Conosci l’estate?" by Simona Tanzini, tells the story of journalist Viola, who has a neurodegenerative condition that allows her to see colors linked to her emotions. The premiere attracted 2.8 million viewers, representing a 16.7% audience share. The series is produced by Lux Vide (Fremantle) and RTI, starring Turkish actor Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi.

Rai 1 premiered the mini-series Marconi - L'uomo che ha connesso il mondo (Tr. "Marconi: The Man Who Connected the World") on Monday, May 20. This biopic miniseries explores the life of the renowned Italian inventor and entrepreneur, known as the father of wireless telegraphy and the inventor of the radio. Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909. The series aired in two 120-minute parts on May 20 and May 21. Produced by Stand by Me in collaboration with Rai Fiction, the first episode won the prime-time slot with 3.4 million viewers and a 19.42% share.

Turkish distributor and producer Inter Medya has unveiled a new collaboration with Mediaset. Building on the success of Bitter Lands, which won its slot this week, Inter Medya is licensing more shows to Italy. A deal was recently finalized for two feature films: My Son and Second Chance. Prior to this, Mediaset had acquired several hit miniseries, including Interrupted and Dreams and Realities.

Netflix is set to release the series La Vita che Volevi (Tr. "The Life You Wanted") on Wednesday, May 29. Produced by Banijay Studios Italy and created and directed by Ivan Cotroneo, it stars Vittoria Schisano as Gloria, whose happiness in Lecce is disrupted by the return of her old friend Marina, who brings along her children and a new, complicated situation involving Pietro.

A TV movie celebrating Paolo Villaggio and his unforgettable characters is set to premiere on Thursday, May 30, in prime time on Rai 1. The biopic Com'è Umano Lui, produced by Rai Fiction and Ocean Productions, delves into the untold story of the iconic Italian actor, revealing the man behind the artist. Directed by Luca Manfredi and written by Luca Manfredi and Dido Castelli, the movie was made in collaboration with Elisabetta and Piero Villaggio.